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Rough Clean

This initial phase involves the removal of larger debris, dust, and construction materials. This will help prepare for the incoming painting, flooring, fixtures and cabinetry subcontractors.

  • Construction debris and large construction waste will be picked up and disposed of. Any trash or remaining materials scattered about will be tossed or relocated.
  • Dust clean-up will be another substantial portion of a construction site’s rough cleaning. General sweeping and powerful vacuums will be used to suck up dust on floors, walls, and other flat surfaces.
  • Remove All stickers will be removed from windows.

Final Detail Move In Clean

At this stage, all contractors have completed their work and no longer require access. Our professional team will clean your property from top to bottom, catching every ounce of dirt and inch of dust. All touch ups will be addressed and everything will be considered move-in ready.

What is included in Post Construction Cleaning?

Living Room, Bedroom, And Common Areas

  • Sweep/mop or vacuum floor–whichever is appropriate.
  • Dust window sills, vents, baseboards, ceiling fans, shelves, ledges and light fixtures.
  • Clean windows and glass including scraping and etching removal
  • Clean the doorknobs and light switches.
  • Clean interior closets. (remove all shelves and racks)
  • Thoroughly detailed dusting of all walls.
  • Remove all cobwebs.
  • Scrub floors and tiles, polish fixtures wipe walls, etc.
  • Clean, wax and buff floors


  • Clean and disinfect the sink, shower, bathtub, and toilet.
  • Clean all attainable surfaces.
  • All mirrors and glass fixtures should be cleaned.
  • Clean the doorknobs and light switches.
  • Clean all tiled walls.
  • Clean windows and glass including scraping and etching removal
  • Scrub floors and tiles, polish fixtures wipe walls, etc.
  • Vacuum the floor or sweep and mop it.


  • Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Clean the exterior and interior refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave and any other appliances. (remove all shelves and drawers to thoroughly wash)
  • Clean interior & exterior of all cabinets and drawers.
  • Clean all counter tops & the backsplash.
  • Clean the sink, faucets and under the sink.
  • Clean all light switch plates.
  • Dust and clean top of cabinets.
  • Dust all moldings and frames.
  • Remove all cobwebs.
  • Thorough detailed dusting of all walls.
  • Dust window sills, baseboards, vents, shelves, ceiling fans, ledges and light fixtures.
  • Remove minor debris.
  • If appliances are easily moveable they will be moved to clean behind them & under them.

No matter what size project or distance, we have the knowledge, manpower, and the experience to perform above and beyond your expectation, from rough clean to final clean detailing.


Our team specializes in custom and new builds. From small paint stains, to dusty door knobs, or dirty window ledges and stubborn grime, our staff will do all the hard work and transform your property into a livable space.

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Absolutely. We understand the value of luxury items and materials. Our cleaning products are specially selected to ensure they are safe and effective for high-end materials, surfaces, and furnishings.

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Zet Pro Clean provides professional post construction and post renovation cleaning services.

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